Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quitter's Can Win... You just have to do it right

I am blessed to work a job I love. That doesn't mean I always like my job, but I really do love it. There are so many different aspects.
  • Youth Minister
  • Hanging Outer
  • Landscaper 
  • Graphic Designer
  • Counselor
  • Marry...er
  • Public Speaker
  • Musician
  • Technical Support Agent
  • Social Media guy
There's more, but I think you understand. Those things keep my job as a pastor interesting. Some weeks the days fly by like surfing Stumble Upon (If you don't know what that is... good for you. It's a little like Web crack)! I find myself waking up and saying, "It's Friday already?"

I know too many people who have the opposite problem. They're stuck in a job that they don't like. They make money to fund their lives outside work. The hours of life spent at work feel a lot like death. Those people can't wait until they are off. Friday can't come quick enough. Do you relate?

I feel for them. They tell me their dreams, but they never seem to act on those dreams. We pray, and I try to encourage, but they don't see a way out of where they are. They're stuck in a job that pays the bills (barely), but gives very little satisfaction.

Today I finished a book called Quitter. It's by a guy named Jon Acuff. He writes a blog called Stuff Christians Like. He was a serial quitter. He quit something like 8 jobs in 12 years. He had a dream, but was stuck in a cubical. Now he is living his dream. I know, it's sounds a little corny, but it's totally not.

In Jon's book he doesn't go through an eight step process about how to quit your day job, but he does tell you how to work your day job and achieve your dream job. The goal is that you would be able to quit your day job and live your dream job full time.

It is a book that is full of common sense. While reading it you may think, "Wow, this isn't what I'm looking for." You'll think that because the words he is saying are so true they hurt. Then you realize he's right. Jon is funny and entertaining. Quitter is far from dry. I found myself literally LOLing (Not just chuckling). If you're a dreamer that wants to reconcile your day job with your dream this book is what you're looking for.

I really want to encourage you to pick up the book Quitter. Then after you've picked it up buy it (Stealing is bad). Then don't put it on the shelf for later, read it.

If you're still not convinced maybe this inspirational book trailer will help.

Tell me about your funniest/best quitting experience?