Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Parent's Priority Step 1: Love God

Um... Not exactly what I'm talking about, but still hilarious.

A Parent's priority is to gradually transfer a child's dependence away from them until it rests solely on God. -Craig Groeschel

How do we properly make that transfer? Step 1...

Love Our God With All We Have

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:5

If there is one thing I can pick up from that verse, it's that God wants every part of our lives. The word, all is used 3 times! God doesn't want a small piece of our life. He wants it all. Our children will recognize if God is a thing that we do rather than a way we live our lives. We can't expect them to live devoted to God if we're not first setting the example.

I heard a message by Craig Groeschel, the Pastor of, where he stated that it is dangerous to give our children a little bit of Christ. He argues that if God is only a part of your family identity then you're essentially immunizing your children to God's power.

Though Immunizations bring up bad memories of almost passing out as a seventeen year old at the health clinic, they also serve as a sobering illustration of what a little bit of God in our families can do. Immunizations work because the doctor gives you a little bit of the virus. Your immune system kicks in and learns how to destroy the virus, then you become immune.

Christian living isn't just a Sunday morning thing. It has to be an all day, all the time effort. If we want our children to become immune to the Gospel and immune to the radical power of Christ, give them a little bit of Jesus. Our lack of commitment to Christ sends a message to our kids that God or church is a, "Thing" we do.

Cut The Distractions
I know, I know, distractions are everywhere. You don't try to keep God out of your family. Work hours are long and leave little time for family time. And what family time you do have is eaten up with activities like soccer and baseball. You're thinking that I'm unfairly beating you up. You're just trying to provide the best life for your kids. And I'm sure you have great intentions, but more work hours is not what your kids want. More activities is not what your kids want. They want more time with you and a fuller relationship with their creator.

We have to stop scheduling our children's lives into a tornado. We have to be focused on one thing. Discipling them. Not scheduling them. If we're not careful we'll become child centered parents rather than God centered parents.

Go To Church Weekly As a Whole Family
How important is your involvement in church?
  • If Mom and Dad went to church: 72% of kids will go as adults. 
  • If only Mom went to church: 15% of kids will go as adults. 
  • If only Dad went to church: 55% of kids will go as adults. 
  • If neither Mom nor Dad: 6% of kids will go as adults. 
The first thing I take from this graph is how important a dad's role is in the spiritual development of his children. Mothers, you are not chop liver (In fact you are amazingly important), but you should not be the spiritual leader of your home. Dads, you are the spiritual leader whether or not you want to be. As your heart goes so does your families.

Of course the best way to raise your kids is as a united front. One that says, "We love God with all that we are." Then we have to back that up with the way we act and the way we run our families.

Is your heart all God's or does God just have a part of it?

Later this week I'll continue this series on raising children, stay logged in!

How do you rate your spiritual influence on your children?

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