Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Converted Into The Church of the Juicer!!

Could you wait just a second while I finish my Nutty Buddy Bar? ........

Thanks. Allie and I watched a very interesting documentary last week called Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead. The documentary followed a guy named Joe who was over weight and quite sick. He had to lose weight. Joe decided, with some help from his doctors, to go on a 60 day juice fast. He drank every kind of fruit/vegetable juice I'd ever seen. All of it was fresh produce and juiced by him. He lost over 100 lbs. and felt better than he had in years. And then he kept the weight off. It was a fascinating documentary.

Joe talking to a tourist

Joe would walk up to people on the street, at gas stations, and even very unhealthy restaurants to discuss a healthy life. People would talk to him while they were huffing down their hotdogs and fried doughnut burgers. It was interesting to watch people get very emotional about the way they eat. Some wanted to change their habits and others didn't.

Finally he met up with a truck driver named Phil that was over 400 lbs. Phil had an auto immune disease that can often be helped by losing weight. Phil wasn't a believer at first but Joe left his phone number with him and told Phil that if he was ever interested in starting this juice fast give him a call. A couple of months later Phil gave him the call. 

Joe on the left and Phil on the right.

Phil started the fast, and a camera crew followed him as he was shedding the weight. People started to notice Phil was losing weight. Phil, because of the success the juice was having in his life, started to tell people about it. He eventually started a, "Juicing church" (My term not theirs). It was a group of people who came together weekly to support each other. They would give, "Testimonies" (My term not theirs) about how the juice fast was helping them. Phil would end off the meetings by giving his testimony and showing how many bowling balls he had lost. It was inspirational.

Then, it hit me like a 400 pound fat man. Phil was able to tell his friends about juicing and get them excited enough to join him weekly. He didn't have a five step plan. He didn't know six different ways to lead someone to juicing. He wasn’t dressed in a tie. He didn't even carry any pamphlets. He just told people about what juicing had done for him. They could look at Phil and see the difference it had made in his life. They saw his genuine concern for their health and saw that he had a solution.

So proclaim the Message with intensity; keep on your watch. Challenge, warn, and urge your people. Don't ever quit. Just keep it simple.
2 Timothy 4:2 
Telling people about Jesus isn't a five step plan, something preachers do, or a special secret method. It's all about talking to them about the difference Christ has made in your life. When they look at you and can see real change. Then they see their need for a savior. Step 1) Start talking to people Step 2) invite them to our weekly meetings. Be real. Be Changed. Be bold.

Ps> It was so inspirational that Allie and I did a five day reboot express juice fast... We fell off the bandwagon on day three. And I can’t help thinking that we may have made it two more days with a little support.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't Believe Everything People Say The Bible Says

Do you want to know what gets on my nerves? When biblically ignorant people make a point using the Bible to invalidate our faith. Do you know what really gets on my nerves? When equally biblically ignorant Christians get stumped by it.

Ok, I'll calm down and try to write a coherent post today. I believe that Christians in America have a huge problem. We don't know our own Holy Book (The Bible). Many Christians are swayed and shut up by
arguments that are not only irrelevant, but often times false. We need to learn to not only deflect these arguments, but crush them as it says in Philetus 1:3*.

Those who doubt the Bible often pull verses out of context and misinterpret passages. Then they use those passages to prove their points. Many of those arguments and questions would be easily squashed or answered with some basic Bible knowledge. For some, studying the Bible may seem beyond your abilities, but let me assure you that it is not. If you can read and write you can study the Bible.

1) Today I can't give you all the answers, but I do want to encourage you with this. Start actually reading and studying the Bible. It will mean a little hard work, but in the end it will be worth your effort. Read, study, and meditate on God's Word. It will not only transform your life, but it will strengthen your faith. When questions are asked and lies are proposed you'll recognize them easily.

2) Research the claims people make. If someone throws a verse in your face don't just believe what they say. Look it up! Many times people don't even know the verses they are referencing and their
ignorance will quickly bubble to the surface if you look up the passage. What about Pastor Trey and myself, should you double check us? Absolutely. Both of us encourage everyone to double check the passages we quote. Make sure we're correctly teaching the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15).

Get into the Bible, build your confidence, and blow your mind! The Bible is a supernatural book. Check out some free Bible study tools at YouVerson.com.

You can check out this video that will lead you through some simple questions to ask when studying the Bible.
*Philetus isn't a real book... I made it up. I hope you figured that out and didn't just soak it in without question.

In Closing:
Carowinds: We have very limited space, and I have to order the tickets Thursday. The full price of the trip (Carowinds ticket, lunch, and transportation) is $55. Get your money to me this Wednesday.

Haunted House interest meeting July 31: We're looking at doing a Halloween haunted house without all the witches, ghost, etc... Ours will actually be scary. The point would be to show people the reality of their mortality. We would end off the tour with a Gospel presentation. TAKING BACK SATAN'S NIGHT! #KSITT

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Tiny Tower Changed My Life

Floors 10-23 of my Tiny Tower

Addiction is a problem, and I'm an addict. It's not the normal culprits like drugs, alcohol, or smoking. I'm addicted to a little game called Tiny Tower. You can play Tiny Tower on a number of Apple devices, but if you have an addictive personality you might want to stay away.

It's not much different from a multitude of other simulation games like The Sims, Simcity, Farmville, Fishville, Cityville, Villville (Ok, I made that last one up... I think). In Tiny Tower you are the owner of a sky scraper. This is your tower. Your tower starts off humbly with a lobby and an apartment place. You collect rent from people who move into your apartment. That rent is used to build up your tower with stores like a laundromat (Exciting), a comedy club where you serve up LOLs, and a coffee house. There isn't an end to the game. The tower could stretch as high as a thousand stories if you kept playing. All this sounds really compelling doesn't it? Yeah, I didn't think so either until I started playing.

Say hello to a Bitizen

The tower is inhabited by "Bitizens" who are tiny pixilated people. Each bitizen has a dream job, strengths, and weaknesses. You, as the tower manager place these people in jobs all over your tower. By far the most enjoyable part of the game is placing one of the bitizens in their dream job. When they are placed in their dream job their happy meter reads, and I quote, ":-D". Which makes me happy that they are happy.

This bitizen is happy!

This got me thinking about how God has a big plan for us. He has given us desires, talents, and dreams. He placed those in us before we were even born! In Jeremiah 1:5 God says, "Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you..."  He gave us those dreams to glorify Him.

We all have a choice: How will we use what He has given us? It's our selfish desires verses His heavenly desires. When we act selfishly our life will never be fulfilling, death will be scary, and happiness will be out of reach.

God gets joy out of placing us in the jobs where we excel. He wants nothing but the best for everything He owns. Isaiah 43:1 tells us that we are owned by God. "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine." Sometimes life gets tough, but we have to look forward to our future lives in Heaven. There may be temporary suffering, but as James says, this life is just a, "Vapor." (James 4:14)

We should be encouraged in two ways, 1) suffering is temporary and 2) we have to get moving because life is short. It's essential that we grab on to God's plan today! Remember that you are at Oceanside for a reason. God has made you a vital part of this church. Will you choose to get to work where God is moving. God doesn't want you in a job that you hate. He wants you exactly where you fit best.

A closer view

In encourage you to look at your spiritual gifts and your God-given talents. See where God wants you to be. There is a perfect place for you. Now, I have to get back to my tower. The Video Rental Store needs to restock New Arrivals.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Golden Calf, Really guys? Uhhgg. #ksitt

The whole crew

Camp was really amazing this year. It was one of the best years that we've ever had. There were 8 salvations and re-dedications. God was at work. Johnathan was great, Pastor Trey brought some practical and challenging messages in the morning, and I had the privilege of speaking at night. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's camp possible. If you volunteered, supported, and/or prayed for, thank you.

Our volunteer staff being prayed over and hugged

Camp is never without its challenges. I warned all the students about coming home. I told them that the transition would be difficult. At camp we are surrounded by a wall of protection. Satan has been kicked out and we try to keep distractions as far away as possible. But when we come down off the mountain and back to the real world things get a little tougher. Look at what Moses went through when he came off the mountain after meeting with God (Exodus 32).

Satan will hit us with what we least expect. He'll bring up things in our past that we thought were long gone. He does it because he hates us. We have to fight him with all we have and not fall into the crazy temptations that can destroy us when we come off the mountain top.

The winning team's prize cake

I would like to encourage everyone with this: The decisions that you made at camp, or church, are only empty promises unless you back them up with actions. People will know you are serious when you start acting like you're serious. That means you'll have to make unpopular decisions. You may even have to break off some destructive friendships. Your relationship with Christ is more important than anything else. James 2:26 tells us, The very moment you separate body and spirit, you end up with a corpse. Separate faith and works and you get the same thing: a corpse.

People don't care about our decisions we make at church camp unless we back them up with some serious action. Go out and live for God!! And, just for me, kick satan in the teeth. And every time you do report it to us on Facebook or twitter. Be sure to hash tag it #KSITT.