Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can It Get Any Worse?

I don't know about you, but when I see headlines like, "Gas prices' earliest-ever rise above $3.50 a bad sign for motorists" I don't get excited... at all. In fact you may say headlines like those pretty much make me want to quit life. I don't know what quitting would do, because I'd still have to buy gas. Sometimes I wonder can it get any worse? This month it's the rent. Next month it's gas, and who knows what after that.

I can imagine Nehemiah felt that way (And I'm willing to wager much worse). The City of God was rubble. It was the city of Nehemiah's people, Jerusalem. This struck Nehemiah hard. His memoirs tell us,
'The exile survivors who are left there in the province are in bad shape. Conditions are appalling. The wall of Jerusalem is still rubble; the city gates are still cinders.'
When I (Nehemiah) heard this, I sat down and wept. I mourned for days, fasting and praying before the God-of-Heaven. Nehemiah 1:3-4 My parenthetical.
Like you and me, Nehemiah wanted things back to normal. He wanted Jerusalem to be the great kingdom of his ancestors David and Solomon. Nehemiah didn't just sit on his hands and cry. He did something about it.

Nehemiah, a favored cup-bearer, approached his Persian king and asked if he could leave and rebuild Jerusalem. The king gave him permission. With God's strength and wisdom and against all the odds Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem in 52 days. It took a lot of help, work, and leadership, but Nehemiah trusted in God for the recovery of Jerusalem.

Gas prices go up. Pay goes down. Stuff breaks. The housing market flounders. Rent goes up. Blah, blah, blah... If we think voting for the right guy in the election is going to fix everything we're crazy. The people in Washington aren't going to fix this nation. They've tried and failed. It's time we get off our hands, stop whining, and do something ourselves. It's not about wealth, and it's not about gas prices. The recovery isn't a political issue. It's a spiritual one. The recovery is about bringing our nation back to the Godly one it once was. We are the recovery. We must rebuild the walls torn down.

I'm really looking forward to our new series called, "Change Your World in 52 Days." I think it will be mind-blowing and life changing. You can watch the promo below, and I encourage you to read Nehemiah before we start this series next week. It's a great story.