Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Cross Movement: Cross Culture's Student Ministry

It should be noted this logo is still in beta form... it has not been finalized.

I’m so excited about everyone who has volunteered to work with the Student ministry. If you’re wondering why I haven’t got in touch with a lot of you guys, I’ve been swamped with midterms. All that’s going to change. Look for emails and Facebook messages soon. We’re going to impact this city for Christ!

Speaking of this city, I was moved by the song we sang Sunday, “God of This City.” It’s a powerful anthem that gets us focused on our home town (Yeah, I’m new, but it’s now my town too). Today on the radio I heard that Raleigh is the number 1 growing city in the nation. Let that sink in for a moment. Since 2000 Raleigh has grown 50%. Wow. All these new people mean more opportunities to share our faith.

As you know, if you were at church a couple of Sundays ago, reaching people for Christ is one of the main purposes of Cross Culture’s Student Ministry. In fact, I said that everything we do will be bent towards evangelism. I’m so excited about the opportunities we have to do this. Everything we do in Cross Cultures Student Ministry comes down to the C.R.O.S.S.

C- Connect: We are going to connect our students with each other, and with other non-believing students. The goal is that people will become followers of Christ and that those new followers and current students will grow in Christ.

R- Reach: This is evangelism. We want to reach the friends, families, and co-workers of our students with the Good News of God’s salvation! We can’t stop, we can’t give up.

O- Offer: We have the amazing opportunity to come before God and worship Him. We do this through songs, scripture reading, prayer, and the way we live our lives.

S- Supply: We teach and prepare our students for living life and winning their friends to Christ. Life is a tough journey, they’re going to need supplies.

S- Serve: This is where we serve our community. It’s showing the love of God in a practical way. It’s how people see that we really do love Christ. Service is essential.

Our Student Ministry exists to CONNECT students so the can REACH their non-believing friends, while we’re OFFERING our lives to God daily we SUPPLY students to live Christ out and SERVE our community.

Welcome to the Cross Movement.