Friday, March 8, 2013

A Thank You To Oceanside Church

Oceanside, thank you so much for your generous scholarship! I know that none of you are rich, and some of you gave out of what you don't have. For that, I am blessed, honored, and humbled.

As you all know moving isn't cheap and your gifts specifically went to pay my tuition this month. Your money is already at work. Because of when I started the process of going to school I missed many of the deadlines for scholarships, but God always provides. This time He has used you.

Pastor Trey says that God doesn't have a printing press in the sky dumping enough money to cover the needs of his people. We are His printing press! God opens the windows of Heaven and pours out blessings through his people. We help, work, pray, and give to the needs God has placed on our hearts. Thank you for listening to God, and having a passion for the ministry God wants to use me and the whole family for.

Preaching at our Reality Youth Service

I would also like to ask for your continued prayer. After a week and a little bit, as you would expect, we're still getting adjusted. It's so strange being away from family and friends, but God has blessed us with a good church in Cross Culture. There are lots of welcoming people and loving hearts. Also, pray for my endurance, and strength as I take on seminary. Midterm is upon me. Pray for the family too as they put up with me at midterm.

We love and miss you guys, and may God's richest blessings be upon you.

Ps: I'm working really hard so that your gifts aren't wasted! Got to keep those grades up.