Friday, December 21, 2012

If There Is A Loving God Why Do Good Things Happen?

Because of last week's shooting in Connecticut many people have been questioning how a loving God could let something like that happen. That's a fair question. People much wiser and more intelligent than me have thought deeply about this question, and if you're still wondering about it I encourage you to read this article written by Billy Graham in the aftermath of the shooting. Another great resource dealing with the suffering of this world is a book by C.S. Lewis called The Problem Of Pain.

I have often been posed the question, "If there is a loving God why do people suffer?" In my experience it is one of the top questions from those doubting the existence of God. But there is a question we should ask back: Why is there joy?

Atheist Stephen Marche wrote about his problems with joy in is article, Let My Tebow Go. It's an interesting article that I encourage you to read. It's sound like it's about sports, but really it is more about miracles and God than anything else.

I'm not here to give my magnum opus about God, religion, atheism, and the nature of joy and pain, but I would like to use this next paragraph to make you think.

Joy exists. You know it because you feel it. And deep down you know it's more than just happy pills and endorphins. Because you see joy in action even if you don't feel it. If there is no God why do miracles happen? Why is cancer cured for no observable reason? Why do the dead come back to life after doctors pronounce them deceased?  How does one explain the radical and immediate transformation of a person from destructive drug addict to contributing member of society when they come to know Christ? In the same way that pain might make you question God let Joy reassure you that He is there for you.

A psychopath tried to suck the joy out of your Christmas, but I encourage you to rest in the arms of your savior.

Therefore my heart is glad
and my spirit rejoices;
my body also rests securely.
For You will not abandon me to Sheol;
You will not allow Your Faithful One to see decay.
You reveal the path of life to me;
in Your presence is abundant joy;
in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.

Psalm 16:9-11

Choose Joy, because it's found in a person Jesus Christ. Choose Him.


This is a big Sunday (December 23, 2012) at Oceanside Church. We have our Christmas offering and our Candle Light Service.

The Christmas offering allows you to spread joy through sacrificially giving to missions. And believe me, you will receive joy through giving. Giving sacrificially opens up joy in your heart like no other thing on Earth.

The Candle Light Service is an amazing time where we gather together and worship our Lord and remember His birth. Candles, Christmas carols, and church, nothing starts off Christmas like that.

Merry Christmas!