Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Atheist Shouldn't Go After The Manger Scenes (They Should Try To Stop The Giving)

Los Angeles landlord has gotten in the giving spirit of Christmas. There is hope for humanity, ha ha! But seriously, everywhere I've lived all my landlords and managers have ALWAYS been super particular about getting the correct rent amount and getting it on time. I can't blame them... it's their job. The one time I thought we got a break on our rent it turned out the office had just mis-charged us and then took extra out every month for the next 4 months. It's amazing how much just $70 off the rent would help during Christmas.

For some reason giving is still encouraged at Christmas time. People might label it something completely different like holiday giving or the winter solstice... spirit. The fact remains there is nothing more Christmas than giving. Before the atheists tried to chase off Christmas trees and mangers scenes they should have gone after giving (not that I'm trying to give them any ideas). Giving IS truly the central theme of Christmas. The origin of Christmas is God's gift, His son, to the world.

That Landlord's generosity finds its beginnings with Christ. He probably doesn't even think about it in that way. But it's true.

Every year Oceanside provides 2 big Christmas generosity opportunities. First is Operation Christmas Child (You can still pack a digital box). Second is our Christmas Missions Offering. Every dollar you give on December 23 goes to missions.

50% to Missions Here at Home

50% to Missions Around the World

If you received envelopes from Oceanside at the beginning of the year you already have a Christmas offering envelope. If you didn't we have extras available at the church.

  • Pray about what the Lord wants you to give
  • Bring that envelope with you on December 23
  • Give it in our special offering the Sunday before Christmas December 23.

This video will blow your mind. It's about how much we spend on Christmas. If we spent a little bit less of that money on Christmas gifts and a little more on giving to missions we could make a HUGE difference. This is for an organization called the Advent Conspiracy. They make a great point.