Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oceanside Is Having a Christian Scare House. Is That Even Possible?

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Halloween is definitely the holiday of broom riding witches and black cats. There are seriously some evil things that still happen on October 31st. My wife tells me that in years past, before we were married, they would have to hide their cats because they would get stolen and sacrificed. Seriously!

One year the day after halloween they found a dead cat (thankfully not theirs) strung up by its tail and burned to a crisp in the woods behind their house. There were also black birds circling the cat. The birds were skewered where one end of the stick came through their mouths and the other end was stabbed into the ground. Pretty creepy stuff.

2011: One of our actors who dressed up as a demon who dragged a girl out who was dabbling in black magic.

The church rightfully thinks of Halloween as an evil holiday. One might say it's the antithesis of Easter. Yet we're doing a scare house, Scaremare, on Halloween... the Devil's holiday. Many of my friends in ministry don't out right condemn what we do, but they do say their churches would never let them do a scare house. I also get some pretty weird looks. And I embrace that because, as you should know, Oceanside Church is not your typical church.

We believe in taking back the night. So, again, this year we're using Satan's day kick him right in the teeth! Spiritually speaking of course.

This will be our second year doing Scaremare. Last year was really a testing ground, and this year, we want to blow it out of the water. In 2011 we had 111 non-church members come through the house and 11 of them came to know Christ. That's pretty awesome!

2011: Our suicide victim was a great sport. He had sticky syrup (that looked like blood) on him for 4 nights.

The way the house works is throughout the house we have different rooms with different themes. All of these themes deal with death and mortality. And in the last room we explain to the people that the wages of sin is death. We show them where sin can lead. We do that through suicide, drug use, and muuuuch more. It's a poignant room that when they exit they are led into a funeral tent with a coffin inside. While there Pastor Trey talks to them about how the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life.

2011: One of our MANY zombies getting in makeup.

Scaremare isn't for everyone. But it is effective in sharing the gospel with many that are far from God. And the crazy part is they come to us. We don't even have to go to them.

We Need:
-Make-up Artists
-Counselors (for people who accept Christ)
-Crowd control

If you'd like to be involved in Scaremare we welcome your help. If your church wants to help us we welcome that too. Email me

There's a place for everyone. See you in your scaremares.
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