Friday, November 4, 2011

Scaremare 2011 by the Numbers (A Postmortem, If You Will)

Only a few of the volunteer group

What a week! Scaremare was amazing. Just take a look at the numbers.
  • 2 Workers Made Life Changing Decisions
  • 2 Baptisms Scheduled for November
  • 3 Nights
  • 6.5 Was the Average Group Size (WHO IS THAT HALF PERSON!?)
  • 6 Hours Touring
  • 8 Salvations
  • 15 Tours
  • 35 Volunteers
  • 91 Non-Oceansiders Toured Through Scaremare
  • 500 Man-hours in Preparation
Numbers matter because people matter. Numbers are individuals. By the numbers this is one of the most successful events Oceanside Church has ever done. We were able to share the Gospel with more lost people in those three nights than we have probably been able to do for the rest of the year. Of those 91 people toured MANY of them did not know Christ.

Painting the Checkerboard Hallway

One of the most powerful parts of the whole experience was the camaraderie between all the volunteers. From set up to tear down everyone spent well over a week together. New friendships were sparked, inside jokes were made, and Christ was spoken into the lives of many workers who had abandoned Him long ago.

Emmie Gluing Newspaper to the Wall For Our Goose Bump Inducing Serial Killer Room

Truly, some of the greatest life change happened in the lives of those who worked in Scaremare. Every night we shared the gospel with ever person who volunteered. They listened and participated. Some made huge decisions, and all left closer to Christ than they came through our doors. That is success.

All these things can happen because of your support of time, prayer, and money. It would not be possible without your audacious vision for this little church in the middle of Mount Pleasant.