Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kinetic Camp 2012 (CAMP VIDEO)

Worshiping the Lord during a night session

It is really difficult to put in words what happened last week, but I'll try. Last week's camp was, in my opinion, the best camp I've ever been a part of. We had a great time during the games. We enjoyed just hanging out during free time. But the best part of the week was the time spent with God.

On Tuesday and Wednesday nights we had worship times like I've rarely been a part of. The students were singing, dancing, and yelling. I believe that all of it was an out pouring of the Holy Spirit.

Lives were changed. On the second night 12 came to the Lord! That's something to celebrate. That usually doesn't happen until the end of the week. When people were surrendering to Jesus that early in the week I knew something special was going to happen.

A picture of those that came forward on Tuesday night

The great part was it didn't stop on Friday after we left camp. Oceanside this past Sunday was blessed enough to have camp spill over into the Sunday morning worship service.

I want to thank all the churches involved:

  • Oceanside Church
  • Common Ground
  • First Baptist Church Eutawville
  • God's Way Church

You guys made this week absolutely incredible... I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't have been a part.

Here is a video of Kinetic Camp Day 1