Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Things I'm Grateful For

We should be more grateful.

Today I had the privilege of watching Steven Furtick, pastor and Monks Corner native, on Seacoast's stream of their staff meeting. He is now a Pastor in Charlotte of Elevation Church. Really cool guy. He talked about being grateful to God for what he has given. It would be really difficult for me to summarize the sermon. Hopefully when Seacoast gets it up on Vimeo I'll post the link here. It was a great message that I encourage you to watch. Here are the 10 things I'm grateful for.

10 things I'm Grateful for
  1. My wife who puts up with my crazy dreaming.
  2. My kids who put up with my need to irritate and wrestle.
  3. My church who offers me pay to do what I'm compelled to do. Don't tell them, but I'd do it for free.
  4. My second job that helps me have a little financial breathing room.
  5. My car that despite its age keeps going.
  6. My sweet gadgets that keep me connected, but are totally not needed.
  7. My dad and mom who give advice and wisdom yet still support even when I do things that may not be exactly what they said to do...
  8. All four of my parents who give, and give, give.
  9. My God who puts up with my crazy doubts and questions.
  10. My ability to enjoy, play, sing, and stumble through music.
I could keep going but I'm getting a little overwhelmed.

What are you grateful to God for? Please list some in the comments below. With your permission I'd love to read some of these in church this Sunday.