Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camp Creation 2010 Info

Where will Oceanside’s youth camp be this year?
Camp will be held on Agape Farms Mt. Union, PA. I know it’s longer then we’ve ever been before but I believe it will be well worth the distance. The trip will be around 11 and  1/2 hours away.

The actually camp is going to be happening with a Christian music festival. Rest assured this is not like a Woodstock type event in respect to what will go on. There are absolutely no alcohol or drugs permitted into the camp.

Beyond just the music there great and there will be many awesome speakers that will talk directly to your students needs. The opportunity for life altering things to happen will be greater than it’s ever been before.

Why are we going to so far away?
First, distance can often help students. In my experience most of the greatest single events in my life happened away from home.

Will this be run like Oceanside’s camps in the past?
Yes, for the most part. We’re still going to have all the great games and fun as before, but this time some of your students favorite bands will be there. That absolutely ramps up camp to a level it has never been at before!

Is it safe?
Yes. The camping facility on Agape Farms has it’s own small hospital if anything did go wrong. At Oceanside we promise to never put your student in a situation that we do not believe is safe. You can read more about the medical facilities on Agape Farms at this website:

What are the Dates?
We will be leaving on June 29th and arriving back home on July 4th. The festival last from June 30th-July 3rd. June 29th and July 4th will be travel days.

What are the Accommodations?
This year, for the first time ever, we’re truly breaking out of our comfort zones. We’ll be sleeping in tents on the camp grounds. That is something I’m excited about. The tents will be separated into to camps: guys and girls. The camps will not be too far apart but will have the proper amount of camp counselors for the corresponding gender. If you have tents that we could borrow that would help tremendously.

Oceanside Camp 2008

What’s the Cost?
We try to make our camps affordable. This year is no different. Many camps don’t offer what Oceanside’s camp does and they cost twice as much. Camp will cost $250.00. Those cost include the renting of the camp ground, food, t-shirts, speakers, bands, and games.

Fund Raisers:
This year we’re offering more fundraisers than ever before to cope with the price being  a little more than previous years.

  • May 15th: Bike-a-thon: This is an Oceanside classic where we earn money biking around.
  • June 19th: Potato Bar: Invite friends and family to stuff their potatoes to the brim and enjoy entertainment and family fun at Oceanside.

Fund raisers such as the Potato Bar and the Squeegee day will only benefit those who show up and participate.

Payment Dates:

  • March 31st: We’re asking for a $50.00 deposit for each student to hold their space.
  • April 28th: payment of $50.00
  • May 6th is the deadline for having at least $100.00 on your account. You will not go to camp if I do not have that amount by the 6th.
  • May 26th: Payment of $100.00
  • June 23rd: Final payment of $50.00

Look for more info to come in the near future

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email me:

God Bless,
Rev. Ivey Rhodes