Friday, March 12, 2010

Quentin is Almost Here!

Allie and I are very excited about Quentin coming soon. Allie went in for her weekly doctors appointment and all is well. We're just over 3 weeks away from the due date now and I can tell you Allie is ready (and me too)! I feel God has this amazing thing built into women. Just a few weeks ago Allie was really nervous about the delivery. Yesterday she said, "I'm ready for this to happen!" The bigger women get the more accepting they become of the painful contractions to come. It's kind of like getting a spanking. Let's just get it over with.

The doctor says it's any day now so we're packing our bags tonight to prepare. If you would lift up Allie as she is determined not to take any pain meds. When I say no pain meds I mean, like, not any Tylenol. Yeah, she's crazy like that. As for me I'll be taking plenty of Tylenol and maybe getting a spinal tap. I have to deal with Allie's hand squeeze of death again [Tongue in cheek].

Maggie and me waiting in the car for mom to finish with her doctor's checkup. Those are some killer blue eyes.

Maggie in our Walmart brand paper towel fort. It was awesome.

One interesting thing that has happened, that I only assume will increase, is the time I've gotten to spend with Maggie recently. As she gets older she has become more fun. She even plays some video games with me, and wakes me up so I'll go turn on the Wii. Good times.